Digital D1 Adds PCM Card

Digital D1 Adds PCM Card

AudioKit is up to it again. As they continue to march forward, towards an AUv3 version of Digital D1. They are continuing to making improvements and adding some new PCM cards to further our sonic enjoyment. Stay tuned for a demo of some of the new presets coming soon, I am actually designing some as well.

In this video you will see how to find a hidden easter egg that the developer added. This continues the 80’s synth feel of the app. I also demo a few of the presets that I have designed utilizing the new sounds in the PCM expansion.

The Update

The Audiokit team continues to amaze the community with continued updates. Along with their continued tweaks and bug fixes on an on going basis. This new update includes a new PCM card with over 60 new sound sources. With this update, they also added over 128 presets to the already amazing 400 that is already included. To top it off, the new PCM card and presets are totally free at the moment for existing users and anybody who jumps on board in the next little bit. 

Coming soon!!!

The Audiokit Team is also working hard on adding AUv3 support to their current line of synths to include Digital D1 and Synth One. This will be an amazing update. I cannot wait to be able able to load up multiple D1 synths and layer them together in a live keyboard rig. They are also going to be adding MPE support and more expansion cards. With all these new apps starting to support MPE standards is going to make me invest in a Roli Seaboard or something similar to take advantage.

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