Brusfi Noise Reducer

Brusfi Noise Reducer

The Brusfi Noise Reduction tool by Klevgr is simply amazing. Hands down, this app is magic. It is perfect for cleaning up audio take with your phone or in a noisy bar. It will even extract audio from a video so you can clean it up.

I was a little skeptical when I first heard about it. A noise reducing app for that price? It can’t actually work, can it? From my experience, a lot noise reducing software claims to reduce the noise but it just ends up making the audio sound like a bad recording. On the other side of things, the ones that really work are crazy expensive. I am all for having the right tool for the job but I also like to do things on a budget if possible. Brusfi, which actually means “Noise Free” in Swedish, does just what it says at a fraction of the price of the software that actually works. 

What really sparked my interest in finally purchasing Brusfi was when I was watching a video from Christian Henson Music. 

As you can see in his video, he was at a frozen lake throwing rocks across it to record the sound. Once he gets into his studio and chops up the samples, he runs them through Izotope RX7 to clean up the audio file. Some of which he recorded with his iPhone. That got me to thinking about sampling things out in the world and I would need to be able to clean up the sound. Brusfi does a great job at reducing the noise while still keeping the quality of the original sample. 

Take a listen to this SoundCloud file. The first part is just me whistling while the water is running into the sink. The 2nd part is after I ran it though Brusfi is the basic settings. You can still hear the water peak through a bit but it is drastically reduce. The below example is also an extreme situation, if you were actually going to record in a bathroom, please remember to turn off the faucet. 

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