ApeMatrix Routing

ApeMatrix Routing

ApeMatrix from the developer apeSoft brings us a rather unique AU host app. ApeMatrix was release July 2018 and a lot of people jumped on board as it offered a completely different take on Audio Unit Hosting. I am sad to say that I was not one of those early adopters. I only recently acquired this amazing app but have grown to love it in a short period of time. 

The Matrix

Routing audio and midi between apps has been reimagined. Instead of being locked down to a specific audio channel once you load up an app. You are presented with a grid style connection matrix. Easily change the audio routing of apps with a single click. This makes it a brilliant app for experimenting with different routing options.

As you will see in the graphic, the left side of the matrix is the sending side. When you make a connection by tapping on the grid, it sends the audio to the top app, or the receivers. This makes it a versatile app, especially for routing apps in complex effects chains.

Video Explaination

In this video, I go more in depth with the routing and how it can be used to create complex effects routing. Although there are other apps that can do similar audio routing, ApeMatrix is the only one that allows for seamless connection and reconnection of apps. This allows for experimenting with different effects chains to dial in the exact sound you want. Once you have an effects chain that you are happy with, you could recreate it in AUM or Audiobus, if those apps suit your live or recording setups better.

LFO Madness

ApeMatrix does offer 2 audio bus sends and 3 independent matrixes, so you may not need to translate the app once you get your head around the routing. I think on of the most underrated or under discussed features is the ability to assign LFOs to virtually any AU parameter. This feature alone makes apeMatrix a must buy if you are into modulating multiple parameters with ease. This built-in feature is a true gem and I feel it is often overlooked. Each AU parameter that is exposed can be modulated with a different LFO. This can get out of hand but it can also make for some ever evolving sound scapes or crazy bass sounds.

ApeMatrix is available for both iPhone and iPad. It comes in at $11.99 and is well worth the price. You should also check out the other amazing apeSoft apps.


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