My name is Mitch Slayton, AKA TheAudiodabbler. I enjoy most things that are creative like photography, graphic design, drawing, and music. I would say I am pretty good at a number of those things but Music is in my DNA. I especially enjoy Making Music Anywhere. Looking back, that statement makes a lot of sense now. My first instrument that I started playing and learning was an acoustic guitar. You can take an acoustic guitar anywhere and make music. The park, a friends house, parties, Iraq and Afghanistan, and you don’t need anything else. It really is a mobile music making piece of gear. 

Back in 2013, I got my first iPad, a generation 2. I wanted one because my computer did not have a great battery life and I wanted something mobile to surf the internet and play some games. I soon discovered that there was a budding music scene in that little device. Audiobus was still pretty fresh with version 1 and I don’t think Jimmy Fallon had discovered the power of Loopy yet. I was hooked. Quickly discovering an entirely new world of music at my fingertips that I had not imagined. Retro synths that I would never be able to own, drum machines, and my favorite thing of all, I discovered sampling and using found sounds to create all sorts of new instruments.  

Mitch Slayton

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