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Here I will explore the tools needed to “Make Music Anywhere”. There are many tools that can be used. Music can be made with simple items like a busking drummer. Sitting on a bucket with a couple of drum sticks. An acoustic guitar is another amazing musical instrument that you can take anywhere and make music. I will also explore the vast number of amazing apps on iOS and how you can use your iPhone or iPad to make music on the go.


There will be comprehensive written tutorials, quick tips, and guides to get you started in making music anywhere.


There will be reviews of new and old apps, gear, music, and anything else that I feel is relevant to being creative on the go.


I love sampling so there will be sample for downloading as well as tips and tricks on how to create your own from anything.

Latest posts


MIDI transpose with StreamByter

There are many amazing midi sequencers on iOS. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are simple and some extremely complex. Some can transpose the sequenced notes via a midi controller and some can’t. Read More

Digital D1 Adds PCM Card

AudioKit is up to it again. As they continue to march forward, towards an AUv3 version of Digital D1. They are continuing to making improvements and adding some new PCM cards to further our sonic enjoyment. Read More


The Brusfi Noise Reduction tool by Klevgr is simply amazing. Hands down, this app is magic. It is perfect for cleaning up audio take with your phone or in a noisy bar. It will even extract audio from a video so you can clean it up. Read More


ApeMatrix Routing

ApeMatrix from the developer apeSoft brings us a rather unique AU host app. ApeMatrix was release July 2018 and a lot of people jumped on board as it offered a completely different take on Audio Unit Hosting. Read More

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